Verbier Padel Master 2023 15th-20th August

Finally, Padel tennis hits Verbier! Verbier Padel Master 2023 is an exciting new addition to hit the Verbier social sporting calendar and Above & Beyond LUXE I Verbier is proud to be sponsoring the event this year which is between August 15th and 20th 2023. Having lost the International Showjumping and the Bike Fest over the last few years, we have been eagerly awaiting for the next large event to present itself in Verbier and here it is.

To celebrate, we are offering the first two lucky people to apply for tickets with our promo code a 20% discount, and everyone else 10%. Standard tickets start at 35 CHFs and go up to 230 CHFs for the VIP zone for the first day, and rise each day to 60 CHFs for a standard seat on the final day, to 300 CHFs for a final day VIP ticket.

(Email Code: AboveBeyondLUXEPadel23 to to request tickets).

What is the Verbier Padel Master 2023?

The Verbier Padel Master 2023 aims to showcase this relatively new sport in an international light, playing host to the top 64 international players to take the Padel movement by storm.

The stadium in Verbier will seat up to 1200 visitors every day, there is also a restaurant and bar village with a 5* VIP area, and the 5 day tournament concludes with a concert of Swiss pop legend Bastian Baker on Sunday 20th August.

32 teams will fight for a whopping prize of €110000.

Verbier Padel Master 2023 Program

Tuesday 15th August

1st round: 8 Matches 11am-7pm

Presentation of players in the village 7.30pm

Wednesday 16th August

1st round: 8 Matches 11am-7pm

Kids Day: 3pm-5m

Local artists in the village 7.30 pm – 8.30pm

Thursday 17th August

1/8th final (round of 16): 8 Matches 9am-5pm

Local artists in the village 7.30 pm – 8.30pm

Friday 18th

Quarter finals: 4 matches 11am-7pm

Local artists in the village 7.30 pm – 8.30pm

Semi-Finals & Concert

Saturday 19th

Junior semi-finals from 10am

1st Semi-Final 2pm

2nd semi-final 4.30 pm

Concert MARYNE 8pm-9.30pm

Final & Bastian Baker

Sunday 20th

Junior final: 10am-12pm

Exhibition 1.30-2pm

Bastian Baker Concert 2pm-3pm

FINAL 3pm-5pm


Padel vs Paddle, what’s the difference?

Well quite a lot actually, they are in fact two different sports.

Padel is a doubles game only, played on an enclosed court about a third of the size of a tennis court.  The aim of the game is to force the opponent into a mistake by bouncing the ball twice before returning it.

The rules are similar to tennis, but serving is under-hand, and like squash the walls are used as part of the game.

Paddle on the other hand can be played singles and doubles, with a similar court to tennis, yet smaller.

The main difference between the two is the popularity – With over 20 million players worldwide, Padel is infinitely more popular, than paddle’s meagre 25,000.

There are also 10’s of thousands of padel courts worldwide, and only hundreds of paddle courts.



 Where to stay in Verbier?

We still have some chalets and hotel rooms available in Verbier for the week, don’t hesitate to have a look at for inspiration on where to stay this summer.

Email our chalet team on or whatsapp +41766809018 for help finding somewhere to stay in Verbier over the Padel Master.